Ladies group - Sundays at 10:00 AM, Wednesdays at 7:00 PM

Sunday School is our peer-based discipleship program for all ages on Sunday mornings. Sunday School classes are typically composed of 6-12 students, and offer more diverse ways to grow than corporate worship. Students have the freedom to ask questions, share private prayer concerns, and find understanding and camaraderie amongst friends in their own personal spiritual journey.  This community offers a safe place to be open and honest, and find encouragement and support from seasoned believers. 

While the Sonshine Club is primarily a fellowship ministry primarily appeals to our "senior saints." The group meets twice per month from May till December, and typically alternates between taking trips and having at-home activities. The Sonshine Club travels to Amish country, museums, zoos, and other various places of interest. Domestic activities include bingo, concerts, crafts, and old-fashioned hymn-singin’, to name a few. We believe that God intended for people of all ages to live an abundant life! Speak with the Pastor if you are interested in taking a trip with us! 

Sonshine Club - Tuesdays

We believe that prayer is one of the most powerful forces in our world today. Our church is committed to praying for each other and our community. Whether or not you attend Sugar Ridge Baptist Church, we welcome the opportunity to pray for you. Please submit your requests at any time via phone, email, or through our website; and we will lift you up in prayer before the Lord. Please continue to update us with progress so that we can know how to continue to pray. 

We believe that “church” is not just a physical location or time of service on a Sunday morning, but the embodiment of God’s principles and power on a daily basis. While being a “Church in Action” is much more than simply attending a service, morning worship is a very powerful time when God’s people meet together to pray, praise, and hear from the Word of God. Our Pastor's primary preaching method is expository (verse-by-verse) preaching. He longs to see people become free from man-made religion and find grace, peace, and abundant life in Jesus Christ.

Sunday Morning Worship - 11:00 AM

Our Ladies' Ministry began as a home group with just a few committed women, and has turned into a vibrant place of teaching, healing, and ministry in the community. We believe that reaching, teaching, and ministering to people are the primary goals of the body of Christ. This group does a phenomenal job of caring for their own, discipling women in all stages of their faith journey and reaching out to the community with physical and spiritual support. The Ladies' Ministry meets twice per week, hosts regular fellowship events, and provides ample service opportunities for any believer. 

Prayer Chain - Anytime

Sunday School - 10:00 AM